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Purchasing a Water Softener for the First Time? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

Are you trying to decide if a water softening system is right for you? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. An entire book could be written on how to choose the perfect softener system for your home. We’re not going to cover all the bases here. Instead, we’re going to come up with the basic primer that will help send you in the right direction. It’s important to note that it’s not a one size fits all situation. Some systems are beneficial to some while others may be completely useless.

Have your water tested

If you’re using city water, you should be able to request information about it. Those who are using well water will need to have their water tested. It may be a good idea to have the water tested in both situations. You may find that the city says your water is fine, but you’re not happy with the quality of it. Don’t panic; this is quite common. Many people who live in the city find themselves unhappy with the quality of their tap water. The solution to their problem is a water softening system. You may also need a water filtration system. It’s impossible for anyone to know what your water needs without first testing it.

Set a budget for a new system

You’ll find that most softening systems are highly affordable. With that said, you still want to set a budget. Most first-time water softener buyers will choose a system from Fleck. They are the most widely known company and have many available models to choose from. You will find they have something for every budget. Though, another system may catch your eye. It’s vital that you go into it with an open mind and allow your needs to guide you.

Decide what type of system you need

This is probably the most tricky part of the entire process. You’re going to want to talk this over with a professional. They will know what you need and will be able to help you choose. It’s not something that you should blindly take a stab at. You very well could end up buying a system that is either too small or too big for your home. It is entirely possible to buy something that’s not useable in the least. You also don’t want to spend too much money and end up buying a system that’s more complex than you need.

Make the right choice

Buying a water softener system isn’t all that difficult. Though, you do want to make sure to listen to the professionals. You should also realize that a water softener system will add value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your house, potential buyers will pay more money for it since you have a water softener. It can also be one of those things that push buyers over the edge and help them decide to buy. Anything that improves the quality of your life also raises the value of your home. It’s this fact alone that makes a water softener a wise investment.


5 Best Music Albums of 2018

best albums

Music is the soul of the very being. It’s a drug that cures all kinds of life’s misdeeds. Well, without further ado, let’s look at the crème de la crème of last year’s music.

Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer

In 2018 Janelle reached a whole new level. While releasing her third album, she proved to the world that she has the musical acumen, that defies any possible definition. She captures the excitement of sexual fluidity, the emotional spirituality of black feminism, the unbearable weight of self-doubt and finally the reckoning of getting to know who you really are – the inner you. It is definitely worthy of anyone’s time, listening to this album.

Mitski – Be the Cowboy

Mitski, in her most creative songs, takes one on a cool and romantic venture. Love, marriage and break-ups are the main themes of her songs. Listening to her endearing songs will help you understand how to get around complex situations — for instance, handling a stranger with secret motives. This incredible album is worth your time and money. Great music, great food for the soul. It is one album I’ll advise anyone to listen at any one time.

Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

Country music is clearly Kacey’s forte. It’s particularly fascinating how she maintains the rhythmic swing of her music with an extremely captivating wordplay and emotional insight. This combination will surely leave anyone with no choice but to listen to her music all day long, cherishing her artistical genius which clearly knows few bounds. It is one of the albums I highly recommend especially when one is low in mood.

Lucy Dacus – Historian

This artist is well known for the huskiness in her voice, something her fans find soothing. Her quest to give people faith and hope during the trying times of life is quite evident in her songs. On ‘pillar of truth,’ she sings being with her dying grandmother, surrounded by her other family members, lyrics revolving around hope, faith and seeking mercy for her grandma. Her songs are filled with pain, which often passes and the void filled with endless and timeless thoughts, faith and hope. What a great album!

Cardi B – Invasion of privacy

Cardi is a great rapper who definitely has the musical genius to surpass everyone on the platform and becoming the world’s best female rapper. What entices fans, is her versatility, seen as she jumps from trap to RnB, to salsa on the popular Latin cross-over, ‘I like it.’ Cardi is funny and casually musical. In her songs, she has always been known to go beyond mere words to attain a hard-felt presence in a room and among her listeners. This is one of the albums that can keep you going. You will surely enjoy it, especially for the lovers of hip-hop music.


Music is an art – one that takes you on a journey to a different world. All you need to do is embrace every aspect of it. The above albums are among the most entertaining music released in 2018. I highly recommend anyone take a look at them.